The Journey toward Spiritual Embodiment

“What kind of free spirit is it that breathes through me and is the dominant influence in my life?”        (Helen A. Luke)

What does YOUR mind/body need?

  • Clinical Counselling
  • Dream Work
  • Psychophysical Healing
  • Craniosacral Therapy (SomatoEmotional Release)
  • Zero Balancing
  • Soul Path Exploration and Retrievals
  • Ceremonies and Ritual Gatherings:
  •                 Shamanic Drumming Circle, Grief Ceremonies, Fire                        Ceremonies, Healing Ceremonies, Trance Dancing
  • Personalized Sacred Ceremonies (Also: House clearings and blessings)
  • Workshops & Groups:
  •                Women Support Groups, Dream Work, Awakening the                   Divine Feminine, Study Groups

Through engaging the hidden aspects of ourselves that speak through symptoms, longings, outer tensions, we come to understand the hidden meaning of our lives. Through inner tending we come to consciously interact with our personal myth & destiny.

“No matter what fate befalls us even a very dark one we will be safe if the feminine can hold.”   Robert A. Johnson

Who is Carrie Bahm?

Carrie Bahm is in private practice in Campbell River, BC.  Having worked in healthcare, education and in the field of counselling for a combined period of over 20 years, she brings all this experience to bear upon her clinical work.  Working from a pastoral (soul) counselling approach that considers the whole person, body-mind-spirit, as necessary for wholeness and healing. Carrie facilitates support groups, individual counselling sessions as well as group rituals to bring healing into the community by creating a sacred container in which we learn how to hold and be held in sacred ceremony.

Areas of Focus: Grief, Depression, Relationship Issues, Trauma, Abuse issues, Mid-life Changes, Physical pain/ailments and Addictions, Personal Growth.

Therapy is approached from a body-centred or integrative psychological point of view.  Dreams, ancestral grief and symptoms may be part of the thread used to connect to deeper healing.


  • Registered Clinical Counsellor
  • Master of Arts in Pastoral Psychology & Counselling
  • Bachelor of Education (Secondary)


  • Advanced training in Craniosacral Therapy- Upledger Institute, Florida;  Somato Emotional Release (special focus)
  • Zero Balancing I &II
  • Visceral Manipulation I &II


Personal Development:

Speech Arts, Storytelling, Poetry and Sacred Music.

There is one kiss we want with our whole life; touch of spirit on the body.  Lalla

Carrie Bahm MA, RCC is in private practice in Campbell River BC. She is trained in craniosacral, zero balancing and visceral manipulation.


Carrie Bahm, MA, RCC is in private practice in Campbell River/ Comox Valley, BC. She facilitates support groups as well as community and private rituals and ceremonies. She is also a dream worker and body therapist focussing on emotional processing through the body to bring forth sustained change, transformation and healing.  Clabahm@hotmail.com; 250 895-9199



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